$50 for you,
$50 for them1

When you refer a friend to open and use a new S&T personal checking account and requirements are met.

1The person making the referral (Referrer) and the individual being referred (Referred Person) will each earn $50 if the requirements are met as set forth within the “Referred Person” section below.

Receiving Text Messages and Emails:  Referrer agrees that by providing their mobile phone number and email address they are agreeing to the receipt of text messages and emails from the Royal Referral Center site. 

Referrer:  To make a referral, the Referrer must register for the program online at https://stbank.royalreferralcenter.com and submit a valid email address and phone number for both themselves and each Referred Person. A Referrer may receive up to ten (10) direct deposits in increments of $50 ($500 value) within a calendar year.  The Referrer acknowledges the incentive will not be issued until all conditions have been met in the timeframes provided. If more than one Referrer refers the same Referred Person, only the first Referrer who enters information for a Referred Person will receive a $50 incentive if the  Referred Person fulfills the requirements.

Referred Person: To earn the $50 incentive, the Referred Person must open a new S&T Bank personal checking account within 90 days of receiving the email or text offer through the referral program, and meet the following requirements:

  • Make at least two $500 qualifying direct deposits within 90 calendar days of account opening. Qualifying direct deposits include recurring electronic deposits of payroll, pension, or Social Security. Person-to-person, S&T Bank deposit account transfers or other electronic money transfers, such as those made through internet payment services, do not qualify.
  • The account cannot be overdrawn during the 90-calendar day period after account opening. The account must be open to receive the $50 incentive.


The Referred Person may only receive one $50 incentive for opening a personal checking account and completing the requirements but may also be eligible as a Referrer.

All existing S&T Bank personal checking customers, owners, or those with signing authority on any other S&T personal checking account or those who closed a personal checking account within the last 12 months, are not eligible. Signing authority will be defined by the customer’s name(s) and social security number(s) registered on the personal checking account as an owner.

Email Address and Phone Number: When opening a S&T Bank personal checking account, the Referred Person must provide the same email address and mobile phone number entered in the Royal Referral Center Site by the Referrer.

Deposit Account Disclosures:  All deposit accounts are subject to the S&T Bank Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures.  These can be found at: stbank.com/accountdisclosures/

Opt Out:  A referrer who registers through the Royal Referral authorizes future communications, including emails regarding the program unless they “opt out” by making an election by email.

Other Rewards:  The Referrer will earn a $5 (five) dollar gift card to Starbucks® Coffee for every ten (10) referrals made within the Royal Referral Center Site. Starbucks® rewards will be delivered instantly as a code to the Referrer’s email address provided once the ten (10) referrals have been made. There is a limit of five (5) Starbucks® Coffee gift cards a Referrer may earn each calendar year.

Age Limitations:  Referrer and Referred Persons are required to be 18 years or older.

Other Limitations:  This offer may not be combined with other offers. This offer may end or be changed without notice. All personal checking account applications are subject to S&T Bank approval. S&T Bancorp employees are not eligible to participate. Processing and delivery of the incentive may take an additional 4-6 weeks after all conditions have been met. The incentive will be direct deposited into the appropriate personal checking account.

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