S&T and your business, better together.

Enjoy up to $9001,2 when you open a Basic Business Checking account and a new payment processing account.

Manage Your Business

Access our wide range of tips and tools that enable your ability to manage your funds more effectively.

Accept Customer Payments

Never miss an opportunity to connect with customers. We make accepting payments fast and easy.

Control Your Cash

We offer a wide range of solutions for improved payables and receivables management.

Business Loans

Need financing? We have the products you need to take your business to the next level.

Business Online Banking

Real-time, round-the-clock access to the products and services you need to help manage your business.

  • Online Statements

    Reduce paperwork with convenient online monthly statements.

  • Payroll Direct Deposit

    Provide convenience for your employees to receive their payroll directly into their bank account.

  • Export Transactions

    Easily move account information to Quickbooks or other financial software.

  • Online Bill Pay

    Pay your bills online or send stop payment requests.

  • ACH Origination

    Easily create electronic payments and deposits.

  • Stop Payments

    We know that circumstances and agreements can change which is why we offer this essential service.

  • Initiate Wire Transfers

    Securely transfer funds without having to wait for checks to process.

  • Transfer Funds

    Move money between accounts, to and from a line of credit, or across multiple financial institutions.

  • Stay in Control

    Control cash concentration and disbursement and reference balances and review transactions.

See It for Yourself

Take a self-guided tour of our Business Online Banking demo site.


To open your account, visit your local branch or contact our Solution Center at 800.325.2265. You will need the following:

  • Initial opening deposit
  • Driver’s license, state identification or US Passport
  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Official documentation of the structure of the business and/or the name of the business
  • At least one representative from the business who is authorized to open a bank account on behalf of the business


If you are just starting your business, learn more about business registrations.

Please visit our business checking page to learn more about our options.

A business bank account will help to keep your business legally compliant, provide some financial security and help you appear more professional to customers and vendors. A designated business account will enable you to collect from customers and pay vendors while making it easier to keep record of transactions and manage your cashflow.

Please view our business account opening requirements to learn about the documents you will need.

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