Our Team

Picture this: A bank full of business experts, based in your community, who are totally dedicated to your success. That’s what we have at S&T. Perhaps you recognize them. We invite you to call any member of our team and see the difference our personal approach can make.

S&T employee

Christopher McComish

Chief Executive Officer

David Antolik | S&T Bank

David Antolik


Mark Kochvar | S&T Bank

Mark Kochvar

SEVP Finance Division Manager & CFO

S&T employee

LaDawn Yesho

EVP Chief Risk Officer

Jim Michie

EVP Chief Credit Officer

Susie Nicholson

Susan Nicholson

EVP Chief Human Resources Officer

Jeff Sottile

Jeffrey Sottile

EVP Chief Audit Executive


Rachel Smydo

EVP General Counsel

Michael Golden

EVP Chief Operating Officer

Steve Drahnak

Stephen Drahnak

EVP Chief Commercial Banking Officer

Jason Forman

Jason Forman

EVP Chief Consumer and Business Banking Officer

Melanie Lazzari

EVP Controller

Jordyn Kemats

Jordyn Kemats

EVP Director of Sales Strategy & Marketing

Gil Riazzi | S&T Bank

Gilbert Riazzi

EVP Director of Operational Risk Management

Jim Mill | S&T Bank

James Mill

EVP Chief Information & Technology Officer

Kevin Dodds S&T Bank

Kevin Dodds

EVP Chief Security Officer

Headshot of Heidi Williams

Heidi Williams

EVP Commercial Banking Director of Operations

Jon Costella | S&T Bank

Jonathan Costello

EVP Bank Operations Division Manager

Stephanie Kline

EVP Treasurer and Chief Data Analytics Officer

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