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S&T Debit Card

Convenience is key, especially when it comes to buying the things you need. The S&T debit card takes convenience to an all-time high by allowing you to pay for your purchases wherever Visa is accepted. Use it in place of cash or anywhere you would ordinarily write a check, from the grocery store to the Internet.

It’s a quick and easy way to pay for purchases and even provides the opportunity to get cash back when making a purchase.

  • Safe access to funds
  • Convenience and flexibility: Use like a credit card, but expenses will be deducted directly from your S&T checking account
  • ATM access: 24-hour worldwide access to your S&T checking and savings accounts at thousands of ATMs and wherever you see Cirrus, NYCE or Visa symbols

Anywhere ATMS

S&T does not charge Preferred Banking Account holders for using ATMs. Non-S&T Bank ATM usage fees are waived. Plus, fees charged by other banks to use their ATM are reimbursed per statement cycle.1

Use your Preferred Banking Debit Card with Rewards...
and Just Say "Credit."

Just say "Credit" every time you are at the checkout line with your S&T Debit Rewards card and get 5 cents per transaction.2 Your purchases are still deducted from your S&T Preferred Banking Account and transactions are processed safely through the Visa network.

Earning extra money every time you sign your name... Now that's our advantage.

My Rewards

Similar to rewards points earned using credit cards, My Rewards offers you personalized offers for purchases made every day on your S&T Debit Card. By taking advantage of the program, you can earn valuable rewards just for using your debit card. No enrollment is required to receive the offers. To earn cash rewards, review each offer, activate the offers you want and shop at those retailers. Cash earned through the rewards program is deposited into your S&T checking account. This is a free service provided by S&T Bank.


1 Unlimited free ATM transactions at S&T Bank ATMs. S&T Bank does not charge you to use another bank’s ATM plus reimburses surcharge fees (fees charged by other banks to use their ATMs) per statement cycle. Free ATM transactions do not apply to any fees other than fees assessed for using an ATM to withdraw cash from your S&T Preferred Banking and Preferred Banking with Interest; for example, the VISA International Service Assessment Fee, that applies when a foreign country ATM is used for a cash withdrawal, is not waived or reimbursed, and will continue to apply.

2 $.05 credited to your account for every credit or signature based transaction made with your debit card. The total debit reward incentive will be subject to 1099 reporting.