Personal Finance Management

Achieving financial well-being is easy with S&T’s Personal Finance Management solution.

Personal Finance Management

Having your finances under control is essential for achieving your goals and feeling secure. With S&T’s Personal Finance Management solution, you can track your expenses, savings and investments to easily manage your money from wherever you are. This solution will sync all finances, personal assets and accounts, including S&T and non-S&T accounts. It is a financial bulletin board that enables you to organize expenses, retirement accounts and investments and even manage budgets on behalf of others.

Get Started

  • Log in to your S&T Online Banking account
  • Click more
  • Click Personal Finance
  • View the disclosure and check the box to accept
  • Click get started
  • Once the page loads, your S&T Bank accounts will display
  • Follow the prompts to customize your Personal Finance Management account

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Personal Finance Management Overview

How can Personal Finance Management help you?

  • Set Goals

    The Goals tool enables you to manage and visualize your goals on a timeline. You can create a goal, name it and associate it with an internal or external account. You can also change the amount and priority of each goal, as well as the total amount available overall.

  • Optimize Your Budget

    The Budgets tool is a visualization of spending over time divided into categories. You can create custom
    budget categories, adjust the amount allocated for the budget, view historical budgets and change projected income.

  • Receive Alerts

    The Alerts feature is a notification system that can send email messages to you based on your preferences. Set alerts for payment reminders, low account balances, large deposits, large expenses and more.

& when you're ready, S&T Bank offers these savings options:

  • Money Market

    Savings with the flexibility of a checking account. Make unlimited over-the-counter transactions and enjoy a competitive yield on your savings.

  • My Choice Account

    Similar to a premium holiday club savings account, but you decide when to use the money. Save for one year and choose your own disbursement date.

  • Premium Holiday Club

    This automatic savings contribution is deducted from your S&T savings or checking. Don’t let the holidays catch you off guard-be ready to shop, not blow your budget!

  • Certificates of Deposit

    Grow your savings with an FDIC insured account that has a fixed rate and no monthly fees.

  • Preferred Savings

    A great choice for customers with a Preferred Checking account who are interested in higher yield savings.

  • Statement Savings

    Easy to open, use and save. Have open access to your funds with a quarterly statement that keeps you informed and engaged.

Spending insights is just the financial wellness and spending data of S&T deposit accounts that are linked to online/mobile banking. Personal Finance Management takes a deeper dive into customizable tools to aggregate external accounts as well.

You must enroll in online banking before Personal Finance Management is available to you on the mobile app.

The financial institution logos on this page represent some of the more commonly requested external account providers. To locate your external financial institution, you may simply type the name into the search box – it will usually autofill. If this isn’t successful, copy the login page URL from the direct financial institution site into the search box. Once your financial institution is located and added, the logo will normally appear beside the account on your accounts page.

The financial institution that you’re trying to add doesn’t recognize the aggregator requesting your account information (just like when you log in for the first time on a new or different device). To ensure security, it will require step-up authentication, which can include the code from a text message or answers to personal security questions.

Balances for external accounts are only updated once after nightly processing. Any intra-day transactions will not display or affect balances until the following business day.

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