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A comprehensive Payroll and HR experience with next-level expertise that takes the guesswork out of automation. People-centric. Tech forward.

Payroll and HR Solutions

For businesses that want to focus their energy on people, not paperwork.

  • Automated Hiring & Onboarding

    Easily automate your onboarding to create a breezy first-day experience for new employees.

  • Digitize Secure Documents

    Paper is out. Tech is in. Whether you are already paper-free or not, Deluxe Payroll + HR Solutions will streamline your process of e-signatures and securely manage digital employee documents.

  • Simplify Benefits Administration

    Say goodbye to the hassle of benefit administration functions and hello to modern Payroll and HR software fueled by industry-leading technology. Employee self-service tools included.

  • Customize Time-Off Requests and Approvals

    No more spreadsheets. Deluxe helps keep your team paid accurately and on time, digitally. Automatically calculate PTO, holiday hours or overtime, all in one place. Genius.

  • Master Compliance

    Rest easy knowing important documents and records are centralized for compliance. Work stress-free with benefits and payroll that are securely organized and digitally stored.

  • Streamline Workflows

    Put the flow back into your workflow with automation. Standardize routines and customize new hire paperwork. Digital documentation helps free you from endless piles of paper.

Deluxe Recorded Webinars

Click on one of the links below to view valuable HR Solution and Payroll webinars provided by our partner, Deluxe.

  • New Manager Survival Guide & HR Essentials

  • Recruiting and Hiring Great Employees

  • Employee Recordkeeping: Knowing Your Requirements

  • Inside Look: Performance Evaluations

  • Effective Coaching: Engaging Your Employees

  • How to Keep Top Talent

  • How to Build a Great Workplace Culture

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