S&T Alerts

When it comes to protecting your personal information, it pays to be in the know. With S&T’s online alerts, you can monitor your account activity from anywhere and at anytime.

S&T Bank offers online banking alerts that can help you better secure your accounts. Stay on top of balances and avoid fees by seeing your entire financial picture in once place. Alerts make it easier to track your money while also discovering potential, suspicious activity.

Take advantage of the benefits of online banking alerts today!


Alerts have the ability to save you time and money. Follow these simple steps to begin better protecting yourself today:

  • Enroll in online banking
  • Go to Settings and Alerts
  • Choose to receive notices via text or email
  • Customize alerts by choosing: account alerts, alerts on debit card transactions and service alerts
  • Tailor notifications for multiple accounts with S&T

Knowledge is Power.

After you’ve customized your notifications, alerts are available wherever you are. As a consumer, familiarize yourself with the online alerts available to you so that you can simply, secure and better enjoy your banking experience!

Examples of alerts you may receive:

  • Debit Card Not Present at Purchase

    If you make an online purchase where you do not have to insert or swipe your card, an alert can verify this was your activity.

  • Suspicious Activity Detected

    If a purchase or vendor appears to be out of the normal realm of your typical spending habits, be alerted of the activity and confirm it’s legitimacy.

  • Transfer Failure

    If you make an attempt to transfer funds and the request fails, know right away that something needs to be corrected if this was your action.

  • Password Was Changed

    Be notified when a password change occurs and ensure that it was you who initiated it.

  • Account Balance is Ready to View

    As an online customer, receive immediate notification when your statement is ready for your careful review.

  • Balance is Low

    If you’re required to maintain a certain balance in your account and the balance is running low, receive an alert that can help you deposit funds and avoid fees.

And there’s more! S&T also offers Bill Pay alerts. These are available to our consumer online banking customers that also utilize the bill payment functionality we offer. Bill payment alerts notify a customer about funding account changes, changes to payees and payments in general.

Bill Pay 101

How Bill Pay can simplify life.

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