Making People Our Purpose with Sally Schaadt



From flipping pancakes to fundraising – S&T employee Sally Schaadt’s volunteer work makes a difference that goes beyond banking.

At S&T Bank, making people our purpose is at the heart of our 120-year mission. This tends to draw some pretty special people to our team. They’re the kind of people who are naturally drawn to making life better for their communities, the kind of people who enjoy going above and beyond. Sally Schaadt, S&T commercial banking document officer, is one of those people, and we’re proud to share her story.

Sally is a passionate volunteer who has dedicated herself to community service for many years. Even before joining the Bank, Sally started volunteering with the Granville Kiwanis Club in Ohio and Ohio 4-H in Licking County.

“Even if l worked somewhere that didn’t encourage, support or recognize community involvement as S&T Bank does, I would do it anyway,” says Sally. “But it’s great that I do! It makes it that much easier to get involved because S&T is so committed to community engagement.”

As the Lieutenant Governor for her division of the Kiwanis Club, Sally has been able to combine friendships and fundraising to make a meaningful impact. “I enjoy the work that I do. I love the socialization and friendships that form by working with others. We achieve something meaningful together,” she says. “I like that the Kiwanis Club supports so many other organizations. We raise vital funding through things like pancake breakfasts, a 4th of July event and even help to facilitate tent rentals. It’s good, physical work that supports things that range from funding for the Salvation Army and supporting scholarships all the way through helping to build an athletic stadium. The Kiwanis Club strives to help kids around the world.”

When she’s not at Kiwanis, you can find her fulfilling her passion for building lifelong leadership skills in young people with the Ohio 4-H in Licking County. “My own daughter benefited greatly from Key Club and 4-H. I think I gravitate toward activities that benefit our youth. Working for their future contributes to my own overall well-being and happiness.”

Every S&T Bank employee is given 16 paid hours of volunteer time each year to support our mission of giving back. They’re also encouraged and empowered to track their volunteer hours outside of work, and we honor our team members who go above and beyond those 16 hours of service with a special event. As a service superstar, Sally recorded an impressive 297 volunteer hours in 2023 alone! But she’s not in it for rewards and recognition. She understands the real impact a caring person can have when they share their heart, time and talents with others, and that’s what she prioritizes every day.

Sally’s volunteer work is a true example of S&T Bank’s commitment to service. We couldn’t be more proud or delighted to have her on our team.

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