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Important Links

S&T can be an excellent ally and our site can be a solid resource in the fight against fraud and identity theft.

However, there are certainly additional helpful sites to visit to learn more about protecting yourself and your finances. Some of the best resources include:

Visa USA and Verified by Visa
This site offers a comprehensive review of card safety for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It offers useful tools for protecting yourself and supplies current information on scams and fraud.

Visa Security
From news about the latest scams to the smartest prevention tips, knowledge is the key. Learn more about the simple steps you can take to fight fraud.
A trusted resource to review your credit score and obtain a free credit report annually at no cost.

Federal Trade Commission
Always at work protecting consumers, the FTC site offers tools and resources for protection against scams, fraud, unfair business practices and more. In addition, you should file any complaints with the FTC in the event you suspect you’ve encountered a fraudulent scam or you have indeed been a victim of fraud.

The FDIC site offers the resources to help you become an informed banking consumer. It provides news and education so you can protect  yourself and make sound banking choices.

Small Business Center Security Toolkit
Small business owners can benefit from the advice this site offers on protecting computers and data to reduce the threat of fraudulent activity.