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Fraud Tips for Businesses

Operating a business in today’s sophisticated world of e-commerce and online banking presents a number of challenges for business owners, including risks associated with check fraud and identity theft.

As your business partner, S&T is committed to providing you with the tools and safeguards needed to protect yourself from electronic and transaction fraud. In fact, S&T employs the highest level of encryption technology available.

In addition, we are here to work with you in the event your business becomes a victim of online scams or financial fraud of any kind. We’ll work together to restore your finances and walk you through the necessary steps to do so with the least damage to your business.

Listed below are a number of steps we recommend to protect your business from several common types of fraud.

ACH Fraud Protection

Enables businesses to access and validate transaction activity on a daily basis, create a list of preauthorized or “safe” vendors and block all unauthorized vendors.

Positive Pay

Allows your business to send electronic files of issued checks to S&T to guard against invalid or fraudulent checks posting to your account.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Offers the safest, most convenient and inexpensive form of payroll processing and reduces concerns about lost, stolen, forged or reproduced checks.

Check Safekeeping

Offers a free and secure means of protecting your checks from being stolen, lost, forged or reproduced.

Secure Online Statements

Provides online access to statements as opposed to receiving traditional statements through the mail to enhance your privacy and security.

Business Online Banking

Provides online access to your accounts so that you can review activity daily or periodically at your discretion.