Wealth Management

Things change ‐ it’s the one constant in our lives.

Over time, individuals assume new responsibilities, improve their earning power, acquire assets, and build wealth.

Some start businesses and strive to make them grow while others plan to retire from the working world. Many look for ways to give back to their communities and support the work of worthwhile charitable causes.

Change can bring challenges ‐ and opportunity. What matters most in a changing world? In our view, it’s advice. More specifically, it’s measured, objective, real-world advice that leads to successful outcomes.

At S&T Wealth Management, we combine insightful, considered advice with customized and coordinated wealth building and wealth management strategies. The result? Every aspect of your financial life is integrated, moving you closer to achieving your goals.

We can show you the steps you need to take to build your net worth or to consolidate your financial affairs. We can offer advice on the best ways to manage a retirement plan distribution so that it continues to provide for you through all the years of your retirement. We can provide effective and practical strategies that can help ensure that your assets will pass on to your family and other beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. We can help, too, if you run a business or not-for-profit organization and are seeking ways to maximize its resources.

S&T Wealth Management:

  • Offers objective, measured advice
  • Identifies goals and opportunities
  • Recommends and implements practical strategies that help achieve those goals
  • Provides continuous professional oversight