Other Services

Additional S&T Services for Students

Mobile Banking

Get everything online banking has to offer right on your phone.

With S&T Mobile Banking you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Use your mobile phone to bank the way that works for you: Text Banking, Mobile Web or Mobile Apps.

You can bank from home, work or anywhere you want. Check balances. Pay a bill. Stay in control of your money at all times at the touch of a button.

There are other ways S&T can help you as you head off to the land of higher learning. The services below simply make life easier. Take advantage of them...and us... we’re here to help.

Online Banking

Online banking will save you time and money. Access Online Banking and you will be able to: transfer funds between accounts, get access to online statements on your account, review deposit and loan account balances, verify deposits and check clearances, and view check images online. The best part about Online Banking’s free.

You also have free access to S&T Mobile, which enables you to bank from any mobile phone!

Student Insurance


A car can mean freedom; and with that freedom comes great responsibility. You must have insurance coverage if you own a vehicle‐that’s the law. But while you’re obeying the law, why not get access to the best rates, service, providers and coverages available? That’s what S&T can offer you.

Through our subsidiary, S&T-Evergreen Insurance, Inc., we can provide all the tools to make young drivers. And, it pays to be safe because we can offer incentives and multi-policy discounts to our safest customers.


So you’ve decided to live on your own? Let S&T help protect you from unexpected little things like fires, flood...anything that might come your way as a renter. You don’t have to have renter’s insurance...but it never hurts.

Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at S&T-Evergreen Insurance today. They can help you evaluate all your insurance needs.