At S&T Bank, there are almost as many ways to save as there are reasons to save.

We all feel more comfortable when we have something extra for unexpected expenses, and nothing brings greater peace of mind than knowing that a strategic savings plan is in place for long-term expenses like education and retirement.

Together we can save for all the expected and unexpected short and long-term expenses that are a part of life.

  • Savings & Money Market Accounts

    From tried-and-true savings accounts to more advanced money market accounts, we have what you need to reach your goals.

  • Certificates of Deposit

    Get interest for your hard-earned savings with the flexibility you want and the security you need.

  • Holiday Clubs

    Saving for something special? Join the club. You can put away money for the holidays, or any time of the year.

  • IRAs

    With all of our retirement account options, you can customize your savings plan to fit your individual situation ‐ now and into the future

  • Still not sure? Answer a few questions and build the perfect account.