Preferred Banking

This account gives you premium checking, online banking, free ATM transactions, and a bunch of exclusive features that save time, money, and energy.

There are three ways to qualify for an S&T Preferred Banking account:

  • Minimum daily balance of $1,000
  • Combined deposit balance and home loan outstanding balance of $25,000 or more.5
  • $10 monthly maintenance fee if one of the above balances are not met.

1 $.05 credited to your account for every credit or signature based transaction made with your Preferred Banking debit card. The total debit reward incentive will be subject to 1099 reporting.
2 First order of Preferred Banking checks are free to new Preferred Banking accounts only and not to converted accounts.
3 If an online banking user is signed up for Billpay, one bill per month must be paid via S&T's online banking with billpay in order to avoid a fee.
4 Mobile banking is offered as a free service of S&T Bank. You may incur and are responsible for any charges assessed by your mobile carrier. Contact your mobile carrier for more information.
5 Combined home loan balances include: outstanding balances on mortgage loans serviced by S&T Bank, home equity loan and home equity line of credit outstanding balances. Home loan balances do not include VA, FHA, or PHFA mortgages.