Why having more matters...

Q: How does the S&T Checking & More Account differ from other checking accounts?

A: The S&T Checking & More Account is for anyone who wants to take advantage of great features, including billpay, the Debit Rewards Card1 - which gives you cash back.

Q: What does "free anywhere ATM transactions" mean?

A: S&T does not charge Checking & More Account holders for using ATMs. Non-S&T Bank ATM usage fees are waived. Plus, fees charged by other banks to use their ATM are reimbursed per statement cycle.

Q: What is the Debit Rewards Card?1

A: For each time you purchase something using your Debit Rewards Card and just say “Credit,” you will receive 5 cents back from S&T Bank. Credit transactions are the type that require your signature at the point of purchase. Funds are still deducted from your S&T Checking & More Account and transactions are processed safely via the Visa network.

Q: Do I qualify for the Checking & More Account?

A: There are three ways to qualify:

  • Keep an minimum daily balance of $1,000 in your account
  • Have a combined deposit balance and home loan outstanding balance of $25,000 or more2
  • Pay a $10 monthly maintenance fee.

1 $.05 credited to your account for every credit or signature based transaction made with your debit card. The total debit reward incentive will be subject to 1099 reporting.
2 Combined home loan balances include: outstanding balances on mortgage loans serviced by S&T Bank, home equity loan and home equity line of credit outstanding balances. Home loan balances do not include VA, FHA, or PHFA mortgages.