Online Banking

Business Online Banking

With S&T Bank, all the options are yours. That includes a powerful online interface with some of the most important aspects of your account relationship at your fingertips.

S&T’s Business Online Banking provides real-time, round-the-clock access to the products and services you need…

  • Secure Sign-On

    Add another level of sophistication to your online banking security.

  • Reference Balances and Review Transactions

    Determine your need to invest, transfer or borrow money, and get details on deposits, checks, transfers and more.

  • Transfer Funds

    Move money between accounts, to and from a line of credit, or across multiple financial institutions.

  • Export Account Transactions

    Move information to Quickbooks or other financial software packages.

  • Payroll Direct Deposit

    Provide the convenience for your employees to receive their payroll directly into their bank account.

  • Wire Transfers

    Initiate wire transfers online.

  • Stop Payments

    Send stop payment requests.

  • Bill Payment

    Pay your bills online.

  • Online Statements

    Reduce paperwork with convenient online monthly statements.

  • Control Cash Concentration and Disbursement

    Improve cash flow, reduce excess balances and increase interest earned.

  • External ACH Origination

    Perform ACH origination transactions with other financial institutions.